Wednesday, September 8, 2010

21 Weeks

*I am obsessed with Reese's Puff cereal!
*I have gained like 8 lbs. and I am showing for sure! Some pants won't button..I've been using belly bands on some of my old pants :)
*I have had a horrible cold that will not go away...I wonder if Bentley can feel me coughing so hard?? Probably not :)
*Mama & Aunt Susie bought me some cute stuff at Belk's that was on it all!
*I went to an upscale consignment sale and got some sweet stuff. I also bought 2 darling outfits from Kimberly Ray, a teacher & friend at my school.
*Steve & I used the prenatal listener that Jenna got me...we think we heard the heartbeat, but not 100% sure!
*We had company last weekend...they have a 7 month old named Colt so I got some mommy practice and he was just the sweetest angel!
*Hopefully Steve & I can start working on putting the hutch together this weekend...I can't wait.
*I bought Bentley 4 more Disney movies...bought boy movies this time since I knew I was having a boy...last time I got princess movies:-) I bought Cars, Dumbo, Monsters Inc., and Peter Pan.
*I go back to the dr. in 3 weeks to take the glucose test for gestational diabetes...hopefully it will be negative
*I went back to Zumba last week and did really well...only bad thing is I haven't been back! I need to get my exercise on! Maybe when it cools off :)
*My cousin Lauren just found out she is pregnant...her baby will be due in May...SO EXCITED that our babies will be close in age and can play together!
*I have 1 shower already scheduled in October and 3 showers scheduled in November...I can't wait!
*I bought 2 maternity tops at Kohl's...maternity clothes aren't cheap!!! Luckily I have some good friends that have helped out with that! :)
*I can't believe I'm over half way's been so easy so far and I'm looking forward to the next couple of months while my belly grows (probably gonna be ready to get rid of my belly come Thanksgiving)


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  1. Girl...let me know if you need anything!!!! I will more than likely have it :) Love ya.....HUGS!!!