Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 Week Belly Picture

Bentley is growing for sure! I'm starting to show more and more everyday!

Putting the Crib together 8-29-10

Here are a few pictures of us putting the crib together. Steve's parents came over to borrow a movie and wound up staying to help. We were so grateful!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Putting the dresser & high chair together 8-28-10

School is in full swing & Bentley is getting bigger!!

It's been a good week at school...the kids are adjusting well and I've been hanging tough everyday. Four year olds are so fun and loving and soak up so much everyday....They just think everything you do is wonderful. Their little hugs are priceless!! I love my job and I'm so grateful to be at a great school where I feel at home and can take time off and get to work with Jenna & Stacy everyday. It's nice to have friends around all the time. It's weird to think that before I turn 30, my baby will be in school with me!!

One unique thing about this 19th week is that I've actually started to show a little bit...I had several people tell me they could see my baby bump this week & I wore my first pair of maternity pants on Friday (thanks to my dear friend Jenna sending me a Motherhood gift card!) They looked cute, but I kept feeling like the belly part was falling down. I'm hoping I can wear them into October because it always stays warm til around that time. I had to go to the doctor on Thursday because I wasn't feeling well and he said, "Wow, I can actually feel your uterus now!" Little Bentley is growing for sure! I have gained some weight this month...a little embarrassed to say actually. I had drank like 3 bottles of water before I went to the doctor so I'm hoping some of that number was a little water weight!! :) When I go back for my official 20 week appt. next week I'll be interested to see what the scales say. Hopefully, not too much!!

The more I say his name, the more I love it and I feel like he is really ours. Me and mama bought some cute initial stuff at a shop in Pine Mountain called "Hugs & Kisses". It's all matching with turquoise and lime green. I also bought a diaper bag from my friend Kelly with his name monogrammed on it. I can't wait til it comes in. Poor Steve has had an audit going on at work so he's been super tired and not wanting to put the furniture together. But now the audit is over, so hopefully we will get the majority of it put together this weekend.

I've been wanting lots of peanut butter this week....peanut butter with apples...peanut butter with crackers & anything with buffalo sauce. I had a buffalo chicken sandwich, buffalo chicken pizza and hot wings within the same week. It's weird because I haven't craved one thing throughout...just seems like I crave things in spurts then move on to something else.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 18 Updates & Highlights

Lots of things have been going on the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We decided on a name...Bentley Chad Tittle...we were sitting in the chair together this weekend looking at names. After making a list of about 5 that we liked, we decided to rank them according to which ones we liked most. We listed them in order and then compared our lists. Bentley was at the top of both of ours! We may call him Ben some..not sure. Either way it's exactly what I wanted...something cute and preppy for a little boy, but also strong for a grown man. We are very excited!!
  • The bloodwork they took to test for chromosomal disorders came back negative, so we are blessed with a healthy baby boy!
  • I went back yesterday for my 18 week ultrasound. The doctor said all the anatomy was PERFECT!! And based on the baby size my due date is closer to January 14 instead of the 18, but he didn't officially change my due date. During the ultrasound, he was putting his little hands on his forehead.
  • I'm still not showing a whole lot. I think I've gained a few pounds..at my last visit, I weighed the same as I did at my 7 week appt....don't ask me how!! I think I sweated it off at Disney World!!
  • I have got to lay off the french fries & sweet tea. I never even really drank sweet tea before but here lately I've just been wanting it all the time!!
  • Bentley has been pushing things upward the past few weeks. I've been hurting under my left rib...I thought it was my bra at first, but it is definitely not. Uncomfortable, but worth it! I know....there is way way worse to come!!!
  • The baby furniture has arrived!! Now, just to put it together...hopefully Steve will start a little on it this weekend.
  • I went to a consignment shop with Stacy last week. I got a bunch of stuff that looked new. They had a one dollar rack, so I stocked up on a variety of sizes.
  • I've washed all the bedding & clothes so far & Jenna bought me some baby blue hangers, so as soon as the rack is fixed in the closet I'll be hanging stuff up! :)
  • Today was the first day of school & I did pretty good. I was very calm & patient today. My feet and back hurt a little but thank goodness I'm out of my 1st trimester b/c I would be even more tired than I am today. I was wondering if the baby could sense the difference in me teaching 20 four year olds & me laying around at home watching TLC...I'm sure it had to be a little different!! :)
  • There are so many cute pregnant ladies at our school right now...I'm ready to have a cute belly. I can't wait til Christmas break....then it will be countdown til he arrives!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Now that we know IT'S A BOY, the fun stuff can begin!! Steve & I had already registered for a few things at Babies R' Us the night we found out, but this past weekend my mom went with me to Target to register. We went early in the morning so there was no crowd and it was the perfect time to register. I felt like I was getting a little too happy with the scanner!!!! However, I wanted to register for everything I wanted and that way people will have plenty of choices of what kinds of things I like. I must admit...there were some really cute girl things that I was wanting to swipe...but it'll be ok! I'm determined to have cutesy little boy stuff too... if there is such a thing. :-) Everyone keeps saying that little boys love their mamas best, so I'm looking forward to that!!

I registered for everything from socks & onesies to swings..from toys to bottles...from baby monitors to diaper bags!! I think I had like 197 items on the list!! I was unsure of what kinds of diapers to register for so I just did a little of this and a little of that. Honestly, I hope my baby can wear the inexpensive diapers!! I love the little swing I registered for...my friend Jessica has one for her baby girl and it just looks so sweet and cozy. It cream colored and has like blue and green little lambs...precious!! I'm also excited about the bedding I picked out. I was super shocked that as soon as I showed it to Steve he said, "I like that." SWEET!!! He thought it was a little girly, but I convinced him that little boy things didn't have to be all masculine. The bedding he showed me he liked had footballs, basketballs, & baseballs on it...it was cute...but I'm more of a patterned kinda mommy rather than a themed nursery kinda mommy. :-)

Aww...that just felt really neat to say! I can't believe that I'm gonna be a mommy. My husband is going to make the BEST daddy!! He kissed my tummy yesterday and I said, "Is there anything you wanna say to the baby? He can already hear us ya know.." He kissed it again & said, "I love you baby boy." I think being a daddy is going to soften him up a lot! (hope he doesn't read this) lol

Here is a link to the bedding I like:

4D Ultrasound

I've been a little busy the past week and haven't been able to update with the details of the 4d ultrasound. So here it goes...

We left Wednesday when Steve got home from work. Obviously from reading the previous posts you can tell I was crazy excited. Well we had plugged the address into the gps and thought we knew exactly where we were going. When we pulled into the little business park area we could not find the place! We rode around like 3 times looking. Finally I went in another business and asked and they told me where they thought it was. We continued to drive around & didn't see it so finally I called 411 and got the number. Turns out it was right in front of us, however, they didn't have the sign posted above the building...there was just a little sign by the door that was being blocked by a brick column. Needless to say, we finally arrived at Image of a Miracle.

I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in. I wasn't sure about the place. I only knew of one other person who had been there...most people I know had gone to BabyWaves, but this place had such good deal that we couldn't pass it up! It was so warm, welcoming, and just plain adorable on the inside. The walls were painted with pastel colors and there were random cute polka dots on the wall. There was another couple there in the waiting room that had already been back. Their baby was not showing its face, so she was drinking a Mt. Dew in hopes that the caffeine would get the baby moving. I think it worked b/c they came out smiling!

I was so ready for the girl to call my name! I literally popped up off the couch when she told me she was ready. It was just Steve & I and we were both very anxious. The girl was so nice! The room was so cozy. There were candles burning and sweet music playing. I felt like I was going to get a massage :-) When she pulled my shirt up and put the little ultrasound thingy (I don't know what it's called!) on my belly I was just shocked at how different the baby looked! The last ultrasound it just looked like a little thumbprint and now you could see the head, body, arms, and legs...it is just AMAZING how fast they grow and develop! As of right now the baby is FULLY developed...yes even eyelashes & fingernails....we are just waiting on it to "fill out". She said he was probably about 6 inches long.

After about 5 minutes she was turning the probe thing all different directions..I asked, "Are you trying to see between the legs to figure out what it is?" She said, "Oh honey, I already know! I'm just searching for a good picture to show you the proof!" After about 10 seconds Steve said, "Hey, I just saw something...it's a little boy!!" The lady said, "You are absolutely right!" Steve was so happy. We got to see the baby kicking all around. He kinda looked like a little frog. It is so crazy that he is moving around all inside me and I can't even feel it! At one point he had his little hand turned out and looked like he was doing the walk like an egyptian dance! It was so neat and neither of us could stop smiling.

We also got some 4d pictures but because of the location of my placenta...and the fact that the baby wouldn't scoot over...they weren't the best pictures in the world. But I didnt' care...it was TOTALLY worth every penny we spent!! I just enjoyed watching him move around and seeing how much he had grown. The dvd of the whole ultrasound set to music was breathtaking! I brought it over to my mama and daddy's to watch and me & mama cried just watching it. Pregnancy truly is a blessing from God...I'm loving every minute of it!

After we left, we went to Babies R' Us and registered for just a few big things. Then we went out to dinner at Smoky Bones to celebrate our baby boy!! :-)