Saturday, August 28, 2010

School is in full swing & Bentley is getting bigger!!

It's been a good week at school...the kids are adjusting well and I've been hanging tough everyday. Four year olds are so fun and loving and soak up so much everyday....They just think everything you do is wonderful. Their little hugs are priceless!! I love my job and I'm so grateful to be at a great school where I feel at home and can take time off and get to work with Jenna & Stacy everyday. It's nice to have friends around all the time. It's weird to think that before I turn 30, my baby will be in school with me!!

One unique thing about this 19th week is that I've actually started to show a little bit...I had several people tell me they could see my baby bump this week & I wore my first pair of maternity pants on Friday (thanks to my dear friend Jenna sending me a Motherhood gift card!) They looked cute, but I kept feeling like the belly part was falling down. I'm hoping I can wear them into October because it always stays warm til around that time. I had to go to the doctor on Thursday because I wasn't feeling well and he said, "Wow, I can actually feel your uterus now!" Little Bentley is growing for sure! I have gained some weight this month...a little embarrassed to say actually. I had drank like 3 bottles of water before I went to the doctor so I'm hoping some of that number was a little water weight!! :) When I go back for my official 20 week appt. next week I'll be interested to see what the scales say. Hopefully, not too much!!

The more I say his name, the more I love it and I feel like he is really ours. Me and mama bought some cute initial stuff at a shop in Pine Mountain called "Hugs & Kisses". It's all matching with turquoise and lime green. I also bought a diaper bag from my friend Kelly with his name monogrammed on it. I can't wait til it comes in. Poor Steve has had an audit going on at work so he's been super tired and not wanting to put the furniture together. But now the audit is over, so hopefully we will get the majority of it put together this weekend.

I've been wanting lots of peanut butter this week....peanut butter with apples...peanut butter with crackers & anything with buffalo sauce. I had a buffalo chicken sandwich, buffalo chicken pizza and hot wings within the same week. It's weird because I haven't craved one thing throughout...just seems like I crave things in spurts then move on to something else.


  1. You are going to continue to glow with happiness little mama!!! So proud for you! I added you to our blog....hope you don't mind! Hugs and love.....and extra for Bentley!!!

  2. Thanks Kelli, I thought I was already a follower of your blog...Hugs back at ya!!!