Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Now that we know IT'S A BOY, the fun stuff can begin!! Steve & I had already registered for a few things at Babies R' Us the night we found out, but this past weekend my mom went with me to Target to register. We went early in the morning so there was no crowd and it was the perfect time to register. I felt like I was getting a little too happy with the scanner!!!! However, I wanted to register for everything I wanted and that way people will have plenty of choices of what kinds of things I like. I must admit...there were some really cute girl things that I was wanting to swipe...but it'll be ok! I'm determined to have cutesy little boy stuff too... if there is such a thing. :-) Everyone keeps saying that little boys love their mamas best, so I'm looking forward to that!!

I registered for everything from socks & onesies to swings..from toys to bottles...from baby monitors to diaper bags!! I think I had like 197 items on the list!! I was unsure of what kinds of diapers to register for so I just did a little of this and a little of that. Honestly, I hope my baby can wear the inexpensive diapers!! I love the little swing I registered for...my friend Jessica has one for her baby girl and it just looks so sweet and cozy. It cream colored and has like blue and green little lambs...precious!! I'm also excited about the bedding I picked out. I was super shocked that as soon as I showed it to Steve he said, "I like that." SWEET!!! He thought it was a little girly, but I convinced him that little boy things didn't have to be all masculine. The bedding he showed me he liked had footballs, basketballs, & baseballs on it...it was cute...but I'm more of a patterned kinda mommy rather than a themed nursery kinda mommy. :-)

Aww...that just felt really neat to say! I can't believe that I'm gonna be a mommy. My husband is going to make the BEST daddy!! He kissed my tummy yesterday and I said, "Is there anything you wanna say to the baby? He can already hear us ya know.." He kissed it again & said, "I love you baby boy." I think being a daddy is going to soften him up a lot! (hope he doesn't read this) lol

Here is a link to the bedding I like:


  1. Ashley, Please check the link and the bedding that is attached to it. I don't think it is what you have described. Love ya, Aunt D

  2. Nope that is it! It has already arrived and we love it!!