Monday, June 28, 2010

11 Weeks!!

On Friday night Steve and I went to Columbus for dinner and a movie. We usually just go to Auburn or Lagrange, but STeve had to look for something at the Dick's sporting Goods store in Columbus so we went there. Well..we just so happened to be right next to the "Babies R' Us" so of course I wanted to go just to look around. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!! There are so many baby things that I never even thought of! We looked at strollers, swings, carseats, cribs, etc.... I found a crib that I really like. I think we are going to go with a dark chocolate wood for the nursery. I asked Steve if he wanted to go with me when I registered...I mean I wasn't sure if he would want to..(or if I wanted him to) :-) But he said, "Of course, I want to pick out some stuff might pick out something I don't like!" Well I doubt that....but I am very blessed that he wants to be a part of everything.

Jenna asked me, "So when do you think you will register?" I responded with, "Well...I'll probably be one of those people that just goes the same day I find out what it is!!" LOL I will schedule an early appt. that way I'll have time to hit Target & Babies R' Us on the way home...I'm serious!! haha

I had a horrible day on Saturday!! Didn't get out of my pj's or leave the couch except to go to the bathroom. Just felt nauseas & blah!! Luckily, Steve took care of me all day. He was super sweet and did whatever I needed him to do. At one point, about 3:00 in the afternoon I said, "I really want a Krystal chik. Can you please go get me one?" He did:-) I felt horrible and I was so glad that he was there to take care of me. I think I watched 4 movies on Saturday! It was a no fun day and I was worried that I wouldn't get to come visit my friend Jenna. I felt better yesterday so I was able to come. I am here now (in Blairsville, GA) and feeling pretty good...hope it continues! I have missed my boo boo!!

I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow! The time is going by a little faster...only about 2 weeks til I'm in my 2nd trimester!! I've only gained about 2 lbs so goal is no more than 35 lbs total. Let's hope! I'm trying to eat semi-healthy...semi :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nurse Visit.......10 WEEKS!!!

Today I went for my nurse visit...basically they asked me a bunch of questions which they called my "prenatal profile" and did lab work. I also got a bag full of magazines, information, and other goodies! It was a pretty easy visit and I got in and out a lot quicker than my last 2 visits.

I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow so my first trimester is starting to come to a close. I'm glad about that. Hopefully I'll have more energy in a few weeks. I still haven't gotten too too sick. Just my little nausea spells but nothing that has even been bad enough to make me take my nausea medicine. The nurse said, "If you haven't been sick yet, then you are probably past that point and probably won't get sick." SWEET!! She gave me a list of symptoms and medications that I am able to take. There were actually more things on there than I thought and I was glad. It stinks to be sick and unable to take any medicine.

I scheduled another appt. to go back on July 6th. I'll get to hear the heartbeat through the doppler thingy. I scheduled a late afternoon appt so Steve can go with me. My next visit will be a month later and I should be able to find out what the baby is!! Hopefully before school starts back. Steve keeps saying "boy, boy, boy" so he's got me convinced it is a boy but I still hope for a girl. Either way we are happy and blessed! God is good!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morning Sickness :-( I've been really lucky so far with the whole "morning sickness" thing, but I'm afraid it might be starting. Yesterday I started feeling queasy around lunch time. I went to town with mama and I was just dragging! We went to the mall and then went to get a pedicure. I'm not sure if the smell in the nail salon made it worse or what but when we left there on the way home I was just VERY nauseas. Not a good feeling! It carried on through til bed time but I never threw up. I don't know what's worse...nausea with vomit or nausea without?? I think without might be more aggrevating! Anyway, luckily I have lots of friends that have gone through this and have given me tips on how to deal with it. If it's true that it stops after the 1st trimester then I may be ok. I'll be 10 weeks on Wednesday, so that means only about 3 weeks til it's over. That is not so bad....and it will all be worth it in the end!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My sweet hubby!

Steve had to go to Lagrange earlier to fix an atm...The atm machine is at Piggly Wiggly. When he came home he came over to me and pulled something out of his pocket. It was an Auburn pacifier and pacifier holder that he had seen while he was working there. It was very thoughtful...he said,"I thought it might be too early for something like this but then I decided to get it." I think he is a little more excited than he let me think. I love him!

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Belly PIcture

My first Baby belly picture...I'm 8 weeks 5 days...Not much there yet, but I wanna remember how it looked before!! I'm gonna try to post a new picture every 2-3 weeks :-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well...I haven't written in a while because I just got back from vacation with my family in Cancun! We had a wonderful time...I got a lot of sun and was able to relax and just enjoy having no responsibilities. I was even able to read a whole book while I was gone which is not typical for me so I was super pumped about that. I read the book "Brides" by Nora Roberts. It was a great summer vacation read.

I tell body is definitely starting to feel different. The heat in Mexico absolutely drained me!! I could not lay in the sun b/c it was so hot, so Steve and I spent a lot of time in the water. Everytime I would lay down and get back up I'd be dizzy and lightheaded. I got SO tired just walking from the hotel to the bus stop in the hot sun...I'm not sure if it was just the heat or what but I did not feel like myself.

Luckily though, I haven't been really sick so I'm very thankful for that. Just a little queasy and I just keep reminding myself that it's only temporary and will pay off in the end. My next doctor's appt. is June 21st. It is just a nurse's visit. I pray everyday that nothing goes wrong in this first trimester. So far, so good...Wednesday I'll be 9 weeks!! :-) Above I posted some pics from vacation! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So, last night I woke up and could not go back to sleep...I kept thinking about the heartbeat we heard!! I had a dream that I could hear a drum beating inside my tummy...I know I'm a fReaK!!

I had a birthday lunch with some friends today and My bff Jenna got me a baby book & this cool things called a "prenatal listener". It is like my own personal sonogram thing..I just put it up to my belly and I can hear the heartbeat and other sounds. It has headphones and even a recorder so I can share it with others. I can't use til about 5-6 months! CAN't WAIT to use it!

Steve took the pictures to work today. It means a lot to me that he is so excited about sharing that with his co-workers.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post Dr. Visit....AMAZING!!!

So, the doctor's appointment was absolutely wonderful. When we walked in the door the waiting room was doctor had gotten backed up and I knew we were going to have to wait a long time. Needless to say, my husband is very impatient and he was about to drive me crazy!! He was getting so antsy and could not sit still...he does not like to wait!

Well after about and hour & a half...we finally got called back. The doctor did an exam and just talked about the typical stuff you would expect on a first pregnancy. I pulled out my list of questions & I was super pumped when he told me I could eat shrimp on my vacation!! I was very worried about that one....b/c I LOVE seafood! Just have to stay away from the deep sea fish...which won't be hard for me. I asked him if he could do an ultrasound today and at first he said, "Oh, I think it is too early." After reviewing my chart and finding out when my last period was, he said, "Yeah, we can do it!...only problem is there are a few people waiting so it might be a while."

Well I was there and I was anxious and I was not leaving without an ultrasound!! I had been waiting for this day for 2 weeks and I thought it was never going to get here! So we waited about another 30 to 45 minutes and they finally came to get us. He did an internal soon as I saw something I asked, "Is that what you are looking for?" He said "Yep, that's it!" It was so cool...He could measure the length and it told him how far along I was.

Our baby is 1.08 cm long right now! I am about 7 weeks or so and my due date is January 18th. The coolest part was when he showed us the heartbeat. We could actually see it beating! Then he turned the volume up and I could hear it! I got this amazing feeling throughout my body & shed a tear or was so fascinating to know that I have another life inside of me. It really made it all a reality...just seeing it and not just knowing from a pregnancy test. I think it set in for Steve too. He actually gave me something tonight that he bought for the baby. It was a little beanie baby tiger (he is a huge Auburn fan). He said this is our baby's first toy. I love him so much! This whole experience I know is going to help us grow together as a couple & family. It was a blessed day...and you can even ask the impatient Steve...IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!! :-)

My 1st Doctor's Appointment!!

Good morning!! So I've known I was preggo for about 2 weeks now. The shock has worn off and the anxiousness & excitement has set in. Today I will go to my first doctor's appointment. I can't wait! I am ready to find out exactly how far along I am and get my due date. Based on my last period, I am about 8 weeks or so...but I could be wrong. We will see! I have been up and ready for a couple of hours now...I'm just waiting on Steve to come home from work so we can go together.

I have been doing lots of the typical "newly pregnant" stuff.... I've joined the website "Babycenter" and started reading some of the pregnancy books. My friend Jessica gave me one of hers that goes by week by week. It is very informative. My friend Brittany bought me one and mailed it to me. I just got it yesterday. It is called "The Everything Pregnancy Book" is very neat and easy to read. There is even a short Dad section at the end of each chapter that I'm hoping I can get Steve to read.

I've also (of course) been thinking about names....I started a word document of names I like for boys and for girls....I have already had to delete and add a few based on Steve's opinion. I seriously didn't think that it would be hard for us to pick out names, but Steve is giving more input about it than I thought he would. I guess that is good though...we want our child's name to be something that we both love.

I've been lucky so far not to have had any morning sickness. I've just been a little lightheaded a couple of mornings and I've been super tired & drained. I took a nap every day last week!! That is SO not like me!! Oh well, everyone tells me to just enjoy the sleep while I can so that is what I am going to do. It's going to be an amazing journey & I'm very excited about sharing my thoughts and feelings on this blog. I'll update when I hear from the doctor today!!