Monday, June 21, 2010

Nurse Visit.......10 WEEKS!!!

Today I went for my nurse visit...basically they asked me a bunch of questions which they called my "prenatal profile" and did lab work. I also got a bag full of magazines, information, and other goodies! It was a pretty easy visit and I got in and out a lot quicker than my last 2 visits.

I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow so my first trimester is starting to come to a close. I'm glad about that. Hopefully I'll have more energy in a few weeks. I still haven't gotten too too sick. Just my little nausea spells but nothing that has even been bad enough to make me take my nausea medicine. The nurse said, "If you haven't been sick yet, then you are probably past that point and probably won't get sick." SWEET!! She gave me a list of symptoms and medications that I am able to take. There were actually more things on there than I thought and I was glad. It stinks to be sick and unable to take any medicine.

I scheduled another appt. to go back on July 6th. I'll get to hear the heartbeat through the doppler thingy. I scheduled a late afternoon appt so Steve can go with me. My next visit will be a month later and I should be able to find out what the baby is!! Hopefully before school starts back. Steve keeps saying "boy, boy, boy" so he's got me convinced it is a boy but I still hope for a girl. Either way we are happy and blessed! God is good!

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