Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 18 Updates & Highlights

Lots of things have been going on the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We decided on a name...Bentley Chad Tittle...we were sitting in the chair together this weekend looking at names. After making a list of about 5 that we liked, we decided to rank them according to which ones we liked most. We listed them in order and then compared our lists. Bentley was at the top of both of ours! We may call him Ben some..not sure. Either way it's exactly what I wanted...something cute and preppy for a little boy, but also strong for a grown man. We are very excited!!
  • The bloodwork they took to test for chromosomal disorders came back negative, so we are blessed with a healthy baby boy!
  • I went back yesterday for my 18 week ultrasound. The doctor said all the anatomy was PERFECT!! And based on the baby size my due date is closer to January 14 instead of the 18, but he didn't officially change my due date. During the ultrasound, he was putting his little hands on his forehead.
  • I'm still not showing a whole lot. I think I've gained a few my last visit, I weighed the same as I did at my 7 week appt....don't ask me how!! I think I sweated it off at Disney World!!
  • I have got to lay off the french fries & sweet tea. I never even really drank sweet tea before but here lately I've just been wanting it all the time!!
  • Bentley has been pushing things upward the past few weeks. I've been hurting under my left rib...I thought it was my bra at first, but it is definitely not. Uncomfortable, but worth it! I know....there is way way worse to come!!!
  • The baby furniture has arrived!! Now, just to put it together...hopefully Steve will start a little on it this weekend.
  • I went to a consignment shop with Stacy last week. I got a bunch of stuff that looked new. They had a one dollar rack, so I stocked up on a variety of sizes.
  • I've washed all the bedding & clothes so far & Jenna bought me some baby blue hangers, so as soon as the rack is fixed in the closet I'll be hanging stuff up! :)
  • Today was the first day of school & I did pretty good. I was very calm & patient today. My feet and back hurt a little but thank goodness I'm out of my 1st trimester b/c I would be even more tired than I am today. I was wondering if the baby could sense the difference in me teaching 20 four year olds & me laying around at home watching TLC...I'm sure it had to be a little different!! :)
  • There are so many cute pregnant ladies at our school right now...I'm ready to have a cute belly. I can't wait til Christmas break....then it will be countdown til he arrives!!

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