Sunday, December 19, 2010

4 weeks & COUNTING!!

Well, it hasn't been that long since I last posted, but so much has happened that it feels like FOREVER!! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...spent lunch in Greenville at Nanny's then came back to Steve's parents for dinner. I was so happy to have a few days off from school to destress & relax. Mama and daddy helped me put up my Christmas decor because they were both out too. Me and mama did most of the inside stuff and daddy did the outside stuff. I hung my "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament even though I probably should have waited til next year :)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving my cousin's Lauren & Amber and my aunt Susie threw me a baby shower in Greenville, so we were back on the road again. It was at my Nanny's church. It was very nice...I'm so thankful for those girls...nothing like having aunts & cousins that you are close to and spend so much time with. Family is the best! I got lots of good stuff...mostly clothes, blankets, etc... I also got the Little Lamb Swing that we registered for! It was put together the next day and I love it! It is so sweet and cuddly looking and it's gender neutral so we can use it for the next one no matter what. It plays the SWEETEST is so weird to think that in about a month he will be here and the swing will no longer be just a piece of furniture in his little nursery.

The next weekend, some of my mom's best friends from her school threw me a shower in Beulah. I invited a lot of my close friends from high school and some other special people. I grew up going to school at Beulah and staying at the Elementary school after school with mama so I was very close to some and a lot of the teachers have watched me grow from little girl to now almost a mommy! The shower was a brunch and the food was amazing! The same group of friends threw us a wedding shower and they always put so much time & love into making everything so nice and making me feel special! I was happy that so many of my friends were able to come... Haley, Melissa E., Melissa W., Tamara, Amanda, Ashley friend Audrey from Troy came all the way up and it was great seeing her. Nanny, Lauren, Taten, and aunt Susie came up for this shower too and it meant so much to me. I got some nice things that I didn't have. I felt very loved and it was a great day!!

My last shower was last Sunday night at mama's church. I grew up going there and they threw me a diaper/gift card shower. It was so nice...the food was delicious & the cake...well everyone was going on and on about how great it was. I took leftovers to my school and Steve's work and had tons of people asking who made it. There were also some adorable cookies that our friend Lane had gotten with his name on them. I am grateful for the sweet ladies that helped with everything!

I have had six amazing showers and cannot even express how grateful & blessed I feel! I have some kind, amazing, thoughtful, generous, hard working, people in my life and I just LOVE THEM ALL!! I always try to help out when I can and go to weddings, showers, birthdays, etc... for my family and friends. You just never know how much it means to them. When you have special things and so many people come and show you love it makes you realize how important it is to do those kinds of things. It has certainly meant a lot to me.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas we had 3 busy weeks back in school...I took a personal day to work on my progress reports and was very glad that I did. I always get so stressed during Christmas time and taking that day helped my stress level tremendously. I didn't want to be overworked and overstressed and go into labor early!!

I can't believe I made it all the way to Christmas break! I remember thinking at the beginning of school..."Christmas break is so far away and by that time I am gonna be wobbling all over the place!" Well here it is!! It went by so fast! I don't think I have actually started wobbling yet, but definitely at the end of a long school I feel achy and like I'm walking a little funny! Everyone at school keeps saying he looks like he has dropped, but I don't think he has cause I can still feel him kicking up in my ribs. It took me a long time to finally feel him move, but once I did it was NON STOP!! I love feeling him move. I know it is special for a mother to experience all of these things but I just wish Steve could feel what it was like too...he just knows what I tell him but it is just not the same!

Our childbirth class was great! We learned alot and it helped me to feel a little more prepared for things, although I know nothing can truly prepare you for being parents! Steve enjoyed it too I think. He did get a little weird about the whole epidural thing though...when we were watching the video it was showing some very dangerous risks and things and he was feeling a little like he didn't want me to have one. He said he wouldn't be mad at me if I got one but he wanted me to have an open mind and not just go in saying for sure that I was going to have one. Well this past week at my doctor's appt. he went with me and asked the doctor lots of questions about them and Dr. Bowie made him feel much better. He said, "I'm gonna ask him if his wife had one and that will tell me a lot!" Well Dr. Bowie didn't have anything bad to say about him and he reassured Steve that those risks were VERY rare...he had NEVER seen any of them in his ten years of delivering babies...and when Steve asked about his wife he said that she had had 2 of them...whew!! I believe he also said he thought they were one of the greatest things ever invented! I was SO glad that he made Steve feel better about it because I really want us to be on the same page when it comes to the delivery...even though ultimately it is about me and I am going to be the one going through everything...I know he will always be supportive of me no matter what but it is nice that he doesn't have those fears in the back of his head as much anymore.

Well I've managed to write a TON!! I feel like I will be able to keep up with the blog better now that I'm out on Christmas break. I'm thankful to be off and resting these last few weeks. When Bentley arrives I hope that I can share exciting things on the blog...when I have time!! I feel like the 7 weeks of maternity leave are going to go by so fast! But I'm not gonna think about that right now...Right now I just wanna focus on these last few weeks with my husband and getting things ready for my angel! Thank you for sharing this exciting journey with me!

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