Monday, January 10, 2011

Too excited to sleep!!

I am up with pregnancy insomnia so thought I'd write a little more. I hate it when I don't write for so long b/c I feel like there are things that I have forgotten. Here are a few more thoughts I've been having and things that have been going on the last few weeks...
-I got a prenatal massage after Christmas. It was a gift from Steve. I was 37 weeks and apparently they can't give the full massage after 33 weeks because it could cause you to go into labor. The girl had to modify it so she didn't hit any pressure points...would have been fine with me if she put me in labor! lol
-Steve has been on my case about caffeine and hot water in the bath tub. Everytime we go out to eat and I order a diet coke I get the evil eye! And he researched online about the temperature of baths and found out that it was ok as long as the water is under 102 he has checked it a couple of times with a thermometer. So funny! But it makes me feel good that he cares and is just trying to take care of us.
-My gall bladder is still bothering me, I've just been trying not to complain about it as much. I hope it stops when Bentley arrives. If not, I will be getting it checked out and possibly removed. I am sooooo tired of it hurting!
-Steve's parents have decided that they will be called Oma & Opa...Steve's mom is from Germany so I think it is very sweet that they decided to be called that. My parents are going to be called Nana & PopPop. I have been calling them that for years when I tell Gunter we are going to their house so it should be easy to remember.
-I have been reading a lot on this website called BabyCenter...It has lots of women on it that are pregnant and you can join birth clubs and talk with women who are due the same month as you. They post blogs & questions and other moms comment on it. It has been very interesting to read and neat to see some of the other women who are going through some of the same things as me.
-Steve and I went to tour the hospital at West Ga Medical Center where I am delivering. They just built a new wing that includes Labor &Delivery, ER, and ICU...The L&D is sooooo nice!! It's painted so pretty with huge b&w portraits of babies on the walls and the rooms are HUGE!! The downside is that after you deliver and recover you go to a postpartum room for the next 2 days. The post partum rooms are in the older part of the hospital and they are very small and not near as nice. Steve said it's gonna be like going from the Hilton to a Motel 6! lol
-While we were there a sweet little nurse named Isa gave us the tour. I also know a nurse named Karrie that works is comforting to know that there are such great nurses and I know I will be taken care of. Karrie's kids go to my school and her daughter was in prek a couple of years ago so it might be a little weird, but I've heard that once you are in labor you just don't care and the nurses have seen it all so they think nothing about all of the things I will go through. I hope that is true!
-My friend Miranda gave me the idea to create a "group" in my phone for Steve to call with baby updates. I did that yesterday so he will easily be able to call/text my friends and family and let them know everything that is going on Wednesday.
-I have heard some horror stories, but mostly encouraging things about being induced on WEdnesday. I cannot wait for my appt. tomorrow to see if I'm progressed more! I wish I would go in and be like 4 cm and my water would break at the dr's office and we could just ride next door to the hospital...haha!! That would be nice! I want to mentally prepare myself for the pain, but I also know that everyone is different and my labor will be it's own thing. So far my body has taken the pregnancy well so I hope it continues.
-I am looking forward to seeing his sweet face and hearing him cry and holding him for the first time. I was watching a baby story on TLC last week and there was this sweet mama on there and as soon as the baby came out her lips just started quivering and she could not stop smiling and crying...I got sooo emotional. I think I am going to be like that for sure. I have a bundle of emotions that I cannot even explain! I am interested to see how Steve handles the labor too. I know that he is going to be great and helpful to me b/c of how awesome he has been so far (esp. in my 3rd trimester). I wonder if he will cry? He is not much of a crier. My mama hopefully will get these things on video! I don't want all the gross stuff on video, but I would like some footage before the hospital and right when I got in and when I"m pushing (from a non graphic angle) and as soon as the doctor holds the baby up and my face and steve's face when we see him and hold him for the first time! Hope you are reading this mama!
-Well I guess that's it for now. I'm sure I'll post more Tuesday night while I am up and can't sleep!! I know, I just know, there is no way I am going to be able to sleep Tuesday night. I am gonna try, don't get me wrong but I have always had a hard time with this.. As a kid, going on family trips, Christmas, etc...I have never been able to sleep when I was excited. I am going to have a MILLION thoughts going through my mind!!

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