Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Friends...Great Showers...I'm a blessed mama!

I cannot even say enough about my baby showers this week. First of all, I have the most thoughtful, hardworking, creative, loving best friend in the ENTIRE WORLD!! Every little thing...every little detail...was well, just perfect is the only way I know to describe it.

The Rosemont shower was on Tuesday afternoon. It looked so pretty! Each table had a brown table cloth with food trays in the middle. That way, nobody had to get up you could just serve yourself at the table. There were these adorable, delicious pedifors that were chocolate icing with baby blue B's & polka dots..also sausage balls, fruit, and blue punch set up on a different table. I am grateful to the rest of my pre-k team for helping too!! Stacy made the sausage balls and Jensine made the punch. Kelly Garner also helped out. I taught her little boy 2 years ago and she works at ACE at our school. We have been really good friends ever since and it was so sweet of her to help. The highlight of the shower was when I got a surprise!! Jenna had been sneaking around the school for weeks getting little videos of teachers giving me advice on my new baby...she also filmed one day while I was out of school different kids in our class saying how I could take care of my baby. It was the sweetest thing!!!! I came home and watched it again with Steve and mama. One of the funniest parts was the "unsensored" version that was tacked onto the end...5th grade team... it was hilarious!!! We also played a baby word scramble relay game and the table that finished first got jeans passes. I got so many great gifts....diapers, wipes, bath time stuff, clothes, a jumparoo from Kindergarten, and Jenna & Kelly got me the umbrella stroller I registered for along with some adorable owl themed bags with Bentley's name filled with goodies. When I got home, Steve was in the garage waiting for me. I was so relieved that he was home from work because I was exhausted at the end of the day! We unloaded everything then mama came over and helped. I showed everything to her and STeve as we took it out of the bag. Mama was a huge help.....we had a big trash bag for tissue paper and we were taking things out, I was sitting on the floor handing her stuff telling her where to put it and then folding all the bags to save. I swear if anyone needs a baby bag for the next 3 years I will have plenty!! :) It was nice to have everything in its place. It was a great shower!!!

My 2nd shower, also hosted by Jenna along with Kelly & my friends Bonnie, Jessica, & Audrey was AWESOME!! It was at Rosemont Baptist Church in the fellowship hall. The room was already decorated with Christmas trees all around and they had the tables set up with brown table covers. In the center were boxes that looked like baby blocks with a ducky & baby balloons tied to them. There was a little platform with a table with all the gifts on it the food table was just as you walk in. Jessica made the cake, which was delicious & adorable!! It was 2 tier with baby blue, white, and brown polka dots. It had his initials on the top. The punch was blue too with little rubber duckies precious! Bonnie brought chicken salad croissants & sausage balls...YUM!!! There was also cheese & crackers, cheeseball, and Rolo treats...Jenna's new signature dessert:) Everything was wonderful! And I was starving so I was ready to eat...I think I went back and visited that cheese ball like 4 times! lol Oh, and I can't forget about the adorable banners...they were blue and brown & said, "Cute & Cuddly, A Bundle of Joy, Ashley's Expecting a Baby Boy!" Jenna got them somewhere online & they were just precious.

After eating we played some games. The first game was like a Price is Right game..there were 20 baby items lined up on the platform and each item was priced. Everyone was asked if they thought the price was higher or lower. If they got it right, they kept their little diaper pin...if they were wrong they had to bring their diaper pin to me. At the end of the game we all checked our diapers and the two with the dirty diapers got prizes! It was a lot of fun...and there was no telling how much money was spent on all those items and I got to keep them! Next we played a game that had 12 responsibilities on "feeding" or "changing poopy diapers" etc.. Jenna had asked Steve to pick 6 that I would do and 6 that he would do. I had to try to match the answers. She had this huge board set up with the duties and I had to velcro the names beside the right one. I got six right...Steve said there were some things he would do that I would not have thought!!! Let's just see if he sticks to it! OH, and for every answer that I got right, they put a dollar in Bentley's piggy bank (which was one of the items from the first game). The next game was between me & mama....we had magnetic boards that had baby necessities on them. We had to sit back to back and choose 5 items that we would grab to put in the diaper bag if we were in a hurry. I think we got 3 that was 3 more dollars in the piggy bank. They were all so much fun! One more thing that everyone guessed was how many paper chain links I was around...I was 24! Monica got it right and won a prize.

Then it was time to open gifts! There were lots of people that didn't get to come because so many illnesses are going around, but we still had a good turnout of about 20 people. I got some GREAT stuff too!!!!!! Lots more diapers...which I really need...other baby necessities...cute burp cloths and bibs...books...bath stuff...pacifiers,etc... I even got some stuff for me! Amy & AJ got me a bag full of things like Aeromatherapy lotion, soap, cozy socks, etc... I will be taking those things to the hospital! :) Another neat gift was a trendy hospital gown from Stephanie Walker & Melissa Cotton...Stephanie sews and she made has velcro on the top sleeves and ties in the back just like a regular hospital gown. I have never seen anything like it...I will be stylin' when Bentley makes his arrival! Jenna, her mama, and Kelly got me the My Little Lamb bouncy seat that we registered looks so cozy and soft. I can't wait to see him in it :) They also got me some nice bottles & other things I needed...even batteries & a protection plan for the bouncy seat! And last, mama and daddy got the stroller & car seat combo we wanted!! She brought it over before the shower and dropped it off at the house. It was so big and awkward in the box so we decided not to take it to the shower.

After the shower, several people stayed and we played baby Family Feud. I love love love that game & have always wanted to go on the show!! It was fun. When we got home, once again mama stayed and helped put everything away. His little drawers, closet, and cabinet in the bathroom are starting to look full :) It was all so empty before. Steve put the stroller together and I worked on figuring out how to get the car seat out of the base...those things are tricky! I love the way the stroller glides so easily & maneuvers and turns great! I think we are really going to like it. I have another big pile of clothes stacked up to wash now. And, another one of the Price is Right items was baby laundry works out perfect!!!

All in all, it was a great day! My friends have a very special way of making me feel special & I just thank God for the great people he has put in my life! I couldn't ask for anything more!!

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