Monday, November 15, 2010

What's been going on??

-I've had some gall bladder issues the past few weeks. Very uncomfortable..especially after I eat. The doctor said that a lot of pregnant women get "sludge" in their gall bladder duct and it should go away after I have the baby. If not, it could possibly be gall stones or something. I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't get worse and it goes away. I would hate to have to have surgery right after baby is born and I'm on maternity leave. That would stink!

-I am still loving my kiddy most recent favorite is Frosted Flakes.

-We are having Christmas at our house for my daddy's side of the family. It is usually about 30-40 people so it's kind of a big deal! Good thing my mama is coming over to clean and help get things ready. I am going to be ready to POP by then!! We've been in the process of trying to decide what day to have it on. I kinda want to have it the weekend before Christmas so it's not so many days of back to back stuff going on....I hope the holidays don't wear me out! Next Christmas is going to be very special.

-I bought a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament at the holiday market and can't wait to hang it on the I have to wait til next year?

-Today I called and reserved Bentley's spot for daycare. He is going to stay at my friend Jessica's Meme's in-home daycare. He will start March 1st. It is a small home setting and will be easy for Steve to get to every morning to drop him off. I think it's going to be perfect! I also think that the responsibility Steve is going to have will be really good for him. Will also be helpful for me! It only makes sense b/c I leave for work every morning at 6:45.

-I have baby showers the next 4 weekends & I am SOOO EXCITED!!!! I also have one tomorrow at school! I know a lot of money, time, preparation, & love have gone into each one and I'm grateful to know so many wonderful people! My best friend Jenna is hosting 2 of them along with some other friends of mine and I've seen all of the hard work and detail she's been putting into making things really special for me. She's been trying to keep everything a secret, but she has a hard time keeping things from me :) I am blessed!

-Sleep is getting harder....uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable!!! I am also having a harder time breathing. Poor Steve has had to put up with me snoring for a while now...or so he says :)

-I am taking maternity pictures Sunday and I can't wait! I hope they turn out goood and I don't look GINORMOUS!!! I have been trying to decide what to wear, etc.... I would like to take something cute with STeve & Gunter for a Christmas card.

-I bought some comfy black shoes to wear with my black pants...the heeled ones I had were not cutting it! My feet were killing me after wearing me to school...the weight of my belly makes a huge difference. I actually came home crying to Steve about how I needed new shoes...hormones!!

-I got signed up for childbirth classes at Lanier...I wasn't able to do the one at West Ga medical center so we are going in Valley. It is only 2 nights, but the good news is that it is free! The one in lagrange was going to be 75 dollars!

-I've been getting advice on pediatricians in the area and I think I have it narrowed down to about 4 that I would like to visit and decide which one I like the best...maybe during Christmas break???

-Yesterday at Steve's parents' house, I felt something amazing!! Usually Bentley's kicks are kinda short and choppy but yesterday I felt something big...and it poked out and kinda rolled. Now sure if it was a fist or heel or what but it was REALLY NEAT!!!

-We are going back to try the 4d thing one last time next Wednesday...if it doesn't work out then we were meant to be surprised I guess!!

-Last night, Steve & I were on the couch watching tv and I was thinking and said, "You know, we only have about 9 weeks for us to be able to just lay on the couch together with nobody else around." Then I got all teary eyed..not because I'm sad it's just very very very weird to think about. For the past 3 and a half years this has been mine & his house and now our lives are about to change forever!!! I'm sure once he gets here things will be hard to imagine our lives without Bentley, but right now it is just very surreal. I'm excited, anxious, and a little freaked out all at once....NOT MUCH LONGER!!!!

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