Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bentley is kicking & growing!

I am up super early on this Saturday morning & Steve is still snoozing, so I thought this would be the perfect time to blog about some of the things that have been going on the past couple of weeks and some of the thoughts I've been having. So much has happened since the last time I wrote, so this could be a little long....sorry!

The biggest thing I guess is that I FINALLY have started feeling Bentley move! It started on September 25 at my cousin Jack's birthday party...while we were waiting on everyone to get there I felt something strange in my tummy. This is how I described it to my friend Jenna..."It feels like there is something inside me chewing bubble gum and blowing a big bubble and right when the bubble gets to the edge of the inside of my tummy it pops! And I felt the popping!" Weird description...but the best way to tell how it really felt. For the next week after the party I only felt him about one other time so I was a little disappointed. Then last week I started feeling him more frequently and consistently. It usually starts when I get home from school...I guess I'm so busy at school to notice it maybe??? I think I have felt him everyday this week...he is kicking more 4 or 5 times back to back and it is so amazing! I can just picture his little self in there swimming around:) Steve says he's gonna be in there bench pressing...he's a nut! Everytime I am at home and we aren't busy we both lay on the bed and feel my tummy. Steve has felt him move about 5 times. SO SWEET!!

Now that my belly looks pregnant, we have realized that he will be here sooner than later! Before, it was like...ok we've got 6 months til he's it's like we have 3 months! And I know it is going to go by very fast...with fall break, Thanksgiving, & Christmas break. Everytime there are holidays it seems like the months go by faster! But I feel like we've been ahead of the ball game so we will have everything ready when he gets here no doubt. His room is coming together so nicely. His furniture is all put together with the bedding & curtains & I ordered a wall decal from ETSY with his initials and me & my cousin Lauren put it above his crib. I also have a sign that my friend Bonnie made for me. It has his name with a special space to put his birthday, weight, etc.. when he is born to hang on the hospital door. She took home his diaper stacker so she could match the colors & it matches his room perfect....very thoughtful gift!!! Here are pictures of the wall decal & sign that Bonnie made:

I have started thinking some that I kinda wish we had painted his nursery...just so that it looks more "baby" ya know? But hopefully in the long run we will be happy we kept it neutral. Maybe once I get more stuff in there it will have a more "baby" feel to it. Definitely when he gets here it will feel that way!

I am looking forward to our first baby shower next Friday at Steve's work. I am out of school for Fall break so we are having it then so I can be there. Sherri is putting it together and it is going to be a drop in shower at 2:30. ..can't wait!!!! Someone from one of the branches above Atlanta sent us the Boppy pillow that we had registered for this week. There was a target package on the porch & we had no idea who it was from....very exciting! I just love all the baby stuff!!

A few other things:

-Steve's aunt Darlene came to visit last week and brought two big bags of Carter's onesies, sleepers, etc.. for Bentley! They are all so tiny & sweet:)

-I bought an adorable Kelly's Kids outfit at my friend Kimberly's party last week. Mama went with me & bought a precious baby blue giraffe print sleep sack with a matching hat...can't wait to see him all snuggled up in it after a bath!

-The "Pre-Spoiling" continues!

-I still love my Reese's puff cereal...have eaten a bowl every morning for the past 2 months and have yet to get tired of it!

-Gay, Ga craft show was fun...lots of cute baby stuff and I had a blast. Mama & Lauren weren't feeling well though so I felt bad for them.

-My cousin Lauren is pregnant again...hopefully a girl...but we've gotten really close the past year or so and I'm so glad and looking forward to our babies growing up together. Jack will be Bentley & unknown baby name's Mentor. :)

-I am pretty much in maternity clothes or belly bands all the time belly is poking out too much for my regular pants. Some clothes make my belly look bigger than it really is and when I look in the mirror I'm like "Woah!!"

-I have gained about 15 pounds so I'm on track as far as weight gain. I would like to keep it between 25-35 pounds...the suggested weight gain for me. Probably closer to 35 I'm sure!

-These pains in my ribs can be uncomfortable at times. Last night at the movies I could not get comfy in my chair...I kept leaning from side to side trying to ease it up and I felt like I was getting on the guy's nerves sitting beside me.

-I am trying to savor these last few months with Steve & I by ourselves...lots of date nights & sleeping & cuddling....He'll be here before we know it!!!

Here is a picture from last night's date night...Thanks to my friend Jessica for the cute shirt! It really shows off my belly. :)

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