Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun during Fall Break

Me Posing with our first pack of diapers. They are a size 2 given to us by Steve's friend Troy at work and his family. They also gave us our first wipes & baby lotion! And a very thoughtful gift, the book Goodnight Moon, that his kids love to read. :)

Three High School Friends all Preggers at the same time!!
Amanda: 29 Weeks, Ashley: 27 Weeks, Tamara: 24 Weeks
Me & Amanda Posing with our Baby bumps at her shower!!!

I got all of Bentley's clothes we have so far washed, sorted, folded, & put away this weekend!! I love doing things for him and getting his room ready. Never knew laundry could be so much fun!!! I'm glad to be ahead of the game...looking forward (well I guess) to starting my 3rd trimester tomorrow!!!!!

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