Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Baby Shower

Yesterday Steve's department at work threw us a wonderful baby shower! I am off for fall break so we had it yesterday so I could be there and everyone else would already be there. The shower was at the corporate center in one of the conference rooms was a small room so everyone was kind of in and out dropping by to eat and mostly the ladies stayed to watch me open all the gifts. It was decorated soooo cute with jungle themed napkins, plates, table cloths, etc... The cake was made by my friend Jessica who is married to Courtney that works with Steve. It had chocolate icing and it had orange, blue, & green stripes with a little lion on it and the words "Welcome Baby Bentley" It was delicious!!! All the food was great & we got lots of good stuff!
Steve's dept. got us the pack n' play that we had registered for at Babies R' is chocolate brown with swirls on the has a bassinet & changing table built in and makes nature sounds and plays music. I actually broke into the box while Steve was busy and put most of it together by myself! It was pretty easy...the changing table part is still not put together though because the directions didn't make sense to me so he's gonna have to work on that later. It is in the nursery right now but will go in our room later on and probably spend some time in the living room too once he's here!

Ryan & Lindsey gave us a precious blanket that Lindsey made herself! It was adorable and had little animals all along the outside soft!! It was a very thoughtful gift.

We also got 2 of the bathtubs we registered for...whale tub...Sherri suggested I let my mom have one at her house so that is what I did. I gave it to her last night!

Another neat gift we got was a picture frame that had seven openings. In each of the openings there was something that was shaped like the letters to spell Bentley's name. We hung it in his room already and it looks great!!
We also got some towels & wash cloths, bottle drying rack, Melissa & Doug toys, portable changing pad, & LOTS of gift cards! Gift cards are great because we can put them together later to buy some of the big things we still need or use them for diapers,etc... later on down the road.

Here are a few pictures from the shower and gifts after we got home. I forgot to ask someone to take pictures while I was opening presents...oops! It was a great afternoon & I'm so thankful for Steve & his job and the wonderful people that he works with. Thank you to EVERYONE!!!!

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  1. How precious....what fun!!!! I love the Bentley picture......I am soo excited for you!!! You look adorable!