Wednesday, July 7, 2010

12 Week Doctor Visit (7-6-10)

Yesterday's doctor appt. was pretty short and sweet. I was 12 weeks and I knew I was going to hear the heartbeat. I was excited and for some reason I was thinking that the heartbeat and an ultrasound were kinda the same thing....I'm new to all this stuff! I brought my mom along b/c I was thinking she might get to see the baby. I also wanted her to see where my doctor was and to meet him. (I love my doctor! He's so thorough and he was always so kind and understanding when we were having a hard time trying. I feel like we've really bonded.) Steve went too.

I was a little bummed when they came in with this little handheld thing that looked kinda like a walkman. Apparently, that's what they use to listen to the heartbeat each time. Dr. Bowie said, "ok, it may take a little while to find it so don't freak out." I was prepared for it to take a while but as soon as they put it on my tummy you could hear a loud heartbeat probably like 3-4 seconds later. It was very strong...166 beats per minute. Last time it was only 140 beats per minute. The doctor said that it was normal for the heartbeat to go up and down like that. I think it is probably faster b/c the baby can actually move around has arms & legs!! When I went the doc the first time the baby was the size of a it's the size of a's grown so much!!! I'm still not showing though and I've only gained 1 lb. but I guess that's good for now...I'll have plenty of time to show!

A few sidenotes...

My friend Miranda told me I should start buying Disney movies for the baby. She said that Disney movies were the only ones that her little girl would watch over and over. So, on Saturday I went to Santuck with my parents. They had them for five dollars!! I got Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King...I know I'm gonna have to get some more gender neutral ones. I plan on getting four more next month when we go back.

Two cravings I've had are Krystal Chiks & Lucky Charms

Orange juice has been making me feel kinda sick in the mornings so I'm cutting that out for awhile.

Steve's aunt Darlene had an antique rocking chair she was saving for us so my mama took it home and she is going to refinish the wood for us and replace the fabric on the cushion. It's perfect!

My next doctor's appointment is scheduled for August 3. Then around August 16-17 we'll get to find out what it is!! SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

I'm loving being pregnant and Ilove the way Steve looks at me and touches my belly sometimes.

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