Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Before My 4d Ultrasound to Find Out The Gender

I can hardly type I am SO EXCITED!!! It is 3:30 and Steve will be home at 4:00 so we can make it to Columbus for our appt. at 5:00. We got an awesome deal on a 4D package that includes 2 visits so we will still get to go back between 28-34 weeks to see the babies' features.
Today, we are just finding out if we are having a boy or girl... I will be SHOCKED if it is a girl. In my head, it is a boy already!! Steve along with the old wives' tales have me brainwashed I guess!

Today I was visiting my friend Jessica and we were browsing bedding on a website called Baby SuperMall...they had some of the really good beddings that I was looking at for really awesome prices. I am not sure if we will or not, but I know I'm gonna want to go to Babies R' Us after our appt. We'll see if my hubby is cooperative or not....

Well here we go! I don't think I have been more anxious about anything EVER!!! Sorry if this post seems a little choppy..I'm kinda cookoo! I'll let you know it all goes!

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  1. Thanks for the call...I love Tyler Chad Tittle, can not wait to hold and spoil him like I did Steve! Gran D